Serve as a Missionary Intern

Whether it is responding after a major hurricane wrecks someone’s home or serving the least among us who are suffering the damages of loneliness, Mission850 brings the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit into our sphere of influence. You are called to be a missionary disciple everyday, and by serving with Mission850, you will have the opportunity to grow through discipleship, ongoing formation (see Panama City Encounter School), community, service to the parish, direct missionary activity in disaster relief, and mutual commitment to the families of our area. Request an application today!

Your missionary internship will include:

  1. Housing (paid)
  2. Community (parish young professionals fellowship &”spiritual adoption” by a local family)
  3. Formation, including videos, reading, small groups, and homework through Panama City Encounter School
  4. No fundraising! A monthly stipend is provided. Anything you elect to fund-raise above and beyond that will go directly to your monthly income*
  5. Service: You will get “once in a lifetime” hands-on experience in disaster relief, family evangelization, and youth ministry. You will truly have the opportunity to be the hands of Christ and to discern your mission. We want you to encounter the fire in your heart for the Kingdom through your service here, and to go forth after your time as a missionary intern ready to pursue your mission!


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